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Working with split views

Vico can show the same or different documents side by side in split views. Views can be split either horizontally or vertically. There is no limit on the number of splits you can create, but more than a couple in the same tab tends to be hard to manage.

Most keys that manages split views begin with <ctrl-w>. To split the current view, use the <ctrl-w>s command, ie first press <ctrl-w> and then press the s key. If you use v instead, you get a vertical split.

If you want to move a split view to a new tab, use <ctrl-w>T.

To navigate between split views, use <ctrl-w> followed by a vi motion key (hjkl) or one of the arrow keys. The <ctrl-w>w command moves to the next split view. The <ctrl-w>W moves to the previous split view. Use <ctrl-w>p to toggle between the last focused split view.

The explorer and symbol list can also be used to open files or symbols in split views.